An Apple in Her Hand: A Collection of Poetry and Writings from the Hudson Valley Women's Writing Group (Codhill Press) 

Paperback – December 15, 2018



"What a delight to read these women as they make magic out of the ordinary, turning apples into witches and housewives at Loehman's into Greek goddesses; evoke the lost worlds of trolleys and Homeric Greece; call forth the elemental forces of geysers and the faithful mating haobits of bald eagles; and celebrate the stubborn resistance of staying alive. Like Vermeer's Lady Writing in the poem of that title by Jan Zlotnik-Schmidt, each of these women looks at the world with 'a gaze penetrating centuries/A women writing and waiting/stories poised to be told…' It's our fortune as readers to be the recipiants of these stories."


Carol Goodman

best-selling author of The Lake of Dead Languages

and the Mary Higgins-Clark Award-winning The Widow's House.





"'…you must not east from the tree of knowledge (Genesis 2:17). 'but the woman hungered to know. She ate the fruit – the apple, the pomegranate. With each bite she was transformed—she took the sweetness of joy and savored resilience. She spit out the bitterness of silence. So too, these wisdom women, these women who bear witness to the power of knowing even when it might have been easier to remain ignorant, or as some might say, innocent."




- Kate Hymes,


Wakill Valley Writers, Workshop Leader, Poet, and Writing Consultant








"Seven wonderful women writiers—honest, serious, seasoned, and articulate—tell us so much of what the know in this memorable collection of stories, poems, and truth. What they write will make their readers happy. 



- Esther Cohen,


Writer and Teacher