Back to Bunnies





“When will we get back to

writing about bunnies?”

mourned a fellow writer.


I stepped out on my deck,

only to see one,

grazing unaware,

eyes focused on a few 

blades of spring green grass.


Remember when it was

a pejorative to 

describe someone 

as “contemplating 

their own navel”?


Now it doesn’t sound

like such a bad pastime.

We’ve all had to slow down:

why not take a look around?


We may not be writing

about bunnies,

but look at the proliferation 

of creatures on social media.


A moose leisurely strolls 

through the Amherst College

campus. A brown bear

enjoys a siesta in a

multicolored hammock.

Giant swamp rabbits are

caught on camera, swimming

determinedly through their

forest wetland, then 

leaping, practically flying,

over their tangled marsh.


We humans are paying 

more attention to our

pets and wildlife. 

They seem to sense 

a change in humankind

and respond by giving

us some careful scrutiny,

now that we aren’t always

running about in our

big tanks on our

anthill freeways.       






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