I Hold your Hand Love



I Hold your Hand Love


and feel the tiny rib


bones      once part of a mouse or a mole


a lower jaw bone      a piece of a skull


fragments buried in fur    feathers


deep within the pellet



the barred owl


spit out under the full moon


I feel your fingers


three long-ago broken


I hold your hand love


not a grown up’s hand    small


yet battered    crusted


rough from work    neglect


no feminine artifice    no Jelly-Apple or Coral Reef colored nail polish


                                        no tamed cuticles


only your wedding ring    a silver circle from Santa Fe


I hold your hand love


as one foot lifts off the earth    I hold your hand love


so I won’t fly into space


as my head spins with the planets’


journey around-around-around the sun


I hold your hand love


I hold your hand tight    tighter












A Nobody (thank you Emily Dickinson)


I Hold your Hand Love