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The Hudson Valley Women’s Writing Group




A second anthology of prose and poetry from the prestigious Hudson Valley Women's Writing Group — seven friends from diverse occupational backgrounds (academics, social workers, teachers and lawyers) who write from the collective perspective of being women-of-a-certain- age in a culture that tends to render older women invisible or irrelevant, and who share their unique perspectives on memory, joy, resistance, resilience, aging and transformation.




Rethinking The Ground Rules explores topics from the coronavirus to the cosmos to the craft of writing itself in varied works that offer journeys of re-examination and rule-breaking that will leave readers marveling at the restorative power of words.





Title: Rethinking The Ground Rules


Publication Date: March 1, 2022


ISBN: 13:978-173584604


Trim: 6 x 9


Page Count: 162 pages


Price: $19.95 (paperback)


The Hudson Valley Women’s Writing Group

Kappa Adair Waugh, Colleen Geraghty, Eileen Howard, Mary K O’Melveny,

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, Kit Goldpaugh, Tana Miller

"Seven women friends meet for decades and exchange their writing. They encourage each other to revise, support each other’s work, show up for each other’s readings, and buy each other’s books. Rethinking the Ground Rules is the second book they wrote together, coming after An Apple in Her Hand. Raucous and mesmerizing, the texts included in this collection are spellbinding, electrifying, honest, uplifting, life-affirming, and pure delight."



                - Lucia Cherciu, Author of Train Ride to BucharestPoet Laureate of Dutchess County




“The Hudson Valley Women’s Writing Group exposes their truths, no holding back! They masterfully meld honesty and heart. Memories are rediscovered inhabiting places where the potent smells of coal, cow dung, oil, grass rise. Now my heart too wishes to design a museum to enshrine not what was but what was wished for. As I am transported alongside a grandfather gleefully kissing the earth while resurrecting bud and bloom with his grit-filled arthritic hands, I feel his joy. You will be absorbed into the stories in these varied works. I know an uplifting transformation of Spirit will occur for you as it has for me.”




                - Jerrice J. Baptiste, Poetry Facilitator, WKZE Radio Host, Author of Wintry Mix


“7 writers/9 chapters/1 book. Rethinking the Ground Rules does more than make us rethink. This volume with its journey through poems, both formal and free form; prose memoir, essay and hybrid writing gives us a chance to reorder our priorities. And to meditate on those things important to us which we have for the moment (or the past months) misplaced or felt that we have lost. It may bear witness to a darkened world, but then opens doors through which the light of our lives shines through. As readers, we should think beyond the idea of anthology and experience a cohesive, interconnected work from the ideas, the hearts and the free rein creativity of these gifted writers. The reader will be rewarded by revisiting often.”



           - Laurence Carr, Author of Paradise Loft and




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